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Contemporary Issues in Sociology of Sport. Andrew Yiannakis – Merrill J Melnick (eds.). Human Kinetics 2001. 480 sid. 28x21 cm. Hbk.

Pris385:-.        Best. nr578-28.

En antologi om idrottssociologi. Innehåll: Unit I. Emergence and Development of Sociology of Sport: George H Sage, Physical Education, Sociology, and Sociology of Sport: Points of Intersection/Unit II. Sport, Power, and Ideology: Douglas E Foley, The Great American Football Ritual: Reproducing Race, Class, and Gender Inequality/Joseph Harry, Sports Ideology, Attitudes Towards Women, and Anti-homosexual Attitudes/Becky Beal, Disqualifying the Official: An Exploration of Social Resistance Through the Subculture of Skateboarding/Unit III. Children in Sport: Edward C Devereux, Backyard Versus Little League Baseball: Some Observations on the Impoverishment of Children’s Games in Contemporary America/Melissa A Landers - Gary Alan Fine, Learning Life’s Lessons in Tee Ball: The Reinforcement of Gender and Status in Kindergarten Sport/B Christine Green, Action Research in Youth Soccer: Assessing the Acceptability of an Alternative Program/Unit IV. Impacts of High School Sports Participation: Naomi Fejgin, Participation in High School Competitive Sports: A Subversion of School Mission or Contribution to Academic Goals?/Kathleen E Miller - Donald F Sabo - Michael P Farrell - Grace M Barnes - Merrill J Melnick, Athletic Participation and Sexual Behavior in Adolescents: The Different Worlds of Boys and Girls/Jacquelynne S Eccles - Bonnie L Barber, Student Council, Volunteering, Basketball, or Marching Band: What Kind of Extracurricular Involvement Matters?/Unit V. Big-Time Sports and the College Experience: Murray Sperber, College Sports Inc.: The Athletic Department vs. the University/Elaine M Blinde - Diane E Taub - Lingling Han Sport, Participation and Women’s Personal Empowerment: Experiences of the College Athlete/Robert M Sellers - Gabriel P Kuperminc - Alphonse Damas Jr., The College Life Experiences of African American Women Athletes/Unit VI. Race, Ethnicity, and Sport: G Leticia González The Stacking of Latinos in Major League Baseball: A Forgotten Minority?/Lee Sigelman, Hail to the Redskins? Public Reactions to a Racially Insensitive Team Name/Arthur S Evans Jr., Blacks As Key Functionaries: A Study of Racial Stratification in Professional Sport/Unit VII. The Body in Culture and Sport: Nick Trujillo, Machines, Missiles and Men: Images of the Male Body on ABC’s Monday Night Football/Pirkko Markula, Firm but Shapely, Fit but Sexy, Strong but Thin: The Postmodern Aerobicizing Female Bodies/Samantha King, The Politics of the Body and the Body Politic: Magic Johnson and the Ideology of AIDS/Unit VIII. Gender and Sport: Constructions of Femininity and Masculinity: Kristin L Anderson, Snowboarding: The Construction of Gender in an Emerging Sport/Alan M Klein, Tender Machos: Masculine Contrasts in the Mexican Baseball League/Nancy Theberge, “It’s Part of the Game”: Physicality and the Production of Gender in Women’s Hockey/Unit IX. Sport and the Mediated Image: Michael A Messner - Margaret Carlisle Duncan - Faye Linda Wachs, The Gender of Audience Building: Televised Coverage of Women’s and Men’s NCAA Basketball/David McCarthy - Robyn L Jones, Speed, Aggression, Strength, and Tactical Naivete: The Portrayal of the Black Soccer Player on Television/Katherine M Jamieson, Reading Nancy Lopez: Decoding Representations of Race, Class, and Sexuality/Unit X. Sport and Deviance: The Darker Side of Sportsworld: Robert Hughes - Jay Coakley, Positive Deviance Among Athletes: The Implications of Overconformity to the Sport Ethic/Eldon E Snyder, Interpretations and Explanations of Deviance Among College Athletes: A Case Study/Howard L Nixon II, Gender, Sport, and Aggressive Behavior Outside Sport/Unit XI. Sport Subcultures: Alternate Sport Communities and Personal Identity: Peter Donnelly - Kevin Young, The Construction and Confirmation of Identity in Sport Subcultures/Alan M Klein, Pumping Irony: Crisis and Contradiction in Bodybuilding/Belinda Wheaton - Alan Tomlinson, The Changing Gender Order in Sport? The Case of Windsurfing Subcultures/Unit XII. Sport and Globalization: Jean Harvey - François Houle, Sport, World Economy, Global Culture, and New Social Movements/Alan M Klein, Sport and Culture As Contested Terrain: Americanization in the Caribbean/Steven J Jackson - David Andrews, Between and Beyond the Global and the Local: American Popular Sporting Culture in New Zealand.


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