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Women, Sport, and Culture. Susan S Birrell - Cheryl L Cole (eds.). Human Kinetics 1994. 416 sid. 23x16 cm. Hbk.

Pris395:-.        Best. nr578-36.

Boken innehåller 24 artiklar av anglo-sachsiska forskare och presenterar olika aspekter av feministisk idrottsforskning. Innehåll: Part I. Women, Sport, and Ideology: Cheryl L Cole, Resisting the Canon: Feminist Cultural Studies, Sport, and Technologies of the Body/Paul Willis, Women in Sport in Ideology/Lois Bryson, Sport and the Maintenance of Masculine Hegemony/Michael Messner, Sport and Male Domination: The Female Athlete as Contested Ideological Terrain/Cindy Himes, African American Women and Competitive Sport, 1920-1960/Part II. Gender and the Organization of Sport: Mary A Boutilier - Lucinda SanGiovanni, Politics, Public Policy, and Title IX, Some Limitations of Liberal Feminism/Vivian Acosta -Linda Carpenter, The Status of Women in Intercollegiate Athletics/Annelis Knoppers, Gender and the Coaching Profession/Elaine Blinde, Unequal Exchange and Exploitation in College Sport: The Case of the Female Athlete/Laurel Davis, A Post-Modern Paradox? Cheerleaders at Women's Sporting Events/Part III. Women in the Male Preserve of Sport: Eric Dunning, Sport as a Male Preserve: Notes on the Social Source of Masculine Identity and its Transformations/Nancy Theberge, Toward a Feminist Alternative to Sport as a Male Preserve/Elizabeth Wheatley, Subcultural Subversions: Comparing Discourses on Sexuality in Men's and Women's Rugby Songs/Shona Thompson, Challenging the Hegemony: New Zealand Women's Opposition to Rugby and the Reproduction of a Capitalist Partiarchy/Susan Birrell - Diana Richter, Is a Diamond Forever? Feminist Transformations of Sport/Part IV. Media, Sport, and Gender: Margaret Carlisle Duncan - Michael Messner - Linda Williams - Kerry Jensen, Gender Stereotyping in Televised Sports/Margaret MacNeill, Active Women, Media Representations, and Ideology/Nancy Theberge - Alan Cronk, Work Routines in Newspaper Sports Departments and the Coverage of Women's Sports/Christine Anne Holmlund, Visible Difference and Flex Appeal: The Body, Sex, Sexuality, and Race in the "Pumping Iron" Films/Linda Williams, Personal Best: Women in Love/Part V. Sport, Sexuality, and the Gendered Body: Susan Cahn, Crushes, Competition, and Closets: The Emergence of Homophobia in Women's Physical Education/Anne Balsamo, Feminist Body Building/David Whitson, The Embodiment of Gender: Discipline, Domination, and Empowerment/Susan Birrell - Cheryl L Cole, Double Fault: Renee Richards and the Construction and Naturalization of Difference.


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