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Modern leisure



1 Leisure and culture

2 Social sustainability and everyday democracy

3 Health and well-being

4 Civil society and popular education

5 Active Seniors

6 Youth work

7 Sport and physical activity

8 Tourism and outdoor recreation

9 The good work

Professional education

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About Fritidsvetarna

In English

Institute of Leisure Studies – A Presentation

Institute of Leisure Studies is a private consultancy.

As consultants we are a partner to our customers. We are helping them with

  • qualified evaluations and analyses,

  • constructing and supporting development work,

  • education.

As a think tank we are focusing the debate on how we can develop quality of life and well-being of people. Those concepts are vital in Leisure Science on wich our work is based. We are primarily working in nine fields:

  • Local government services in culture and leisure.

  • Community development, active citizenship, social sustainability.

  • Health and well-being.

  • Civil society and Popular (leisure) education.

  • Active seniors.

  • Youth work.

  • Sport and physical activity.

  • Tourism and outdoor recreation.

  • Good work.

Our suggestions and activities are based on scientific analysis. Connecting science and praxis is one of our specialities. We work closely together with various networks which bring our customers in touch with a broad expertise.

We are free from party politics and religious associations.

We are located in Stockholm and in Helsinki, Finland.


Address-Stockholm: Karlbergsvägen 86 B, S-113 35 Stockholm. Address-Helsinki/Esbo: Larsviksvägen 2 F, Fi - 023 20 Esbo.

Tel: +46 (0)70 - 728 75 65. Skype: Fritidsvetarna.  


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